Thursday, January 9, 2014

Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Last night we had samosa stuffed baked potatoes, inspired by this recipe on Leaf Parade (love the blog name!)  I tried a samosa flavored baked potato recipe before starting this blog, but now I don't remember which recipe - was from a Happy Herbivore book? That's why I keep this blog... there's so many sources of good recipes I can't remember what's what.

I really enjoyed the potatoes, not much of a stretch given how much I love samosas.  My husband is meh on Indian spices so he put some leftover Scott Jurek chili on a plain baked potato instead.  My daughter preferred to eat a plain baked sweet potato (which she only picked at).  My son, however, ate the insides of the samosa stuffed potato, but didn't eat the skin.  His craziness is my gain, though, because I gobbled that crispy shell right up.

I had to make a few mods (of course) to fit what I had on hand:
Omitted: butter, salt, carrots, crushed red pepper, chickpeas, fresh cilantro
Added: chopped broccoli, frozen corn, dried cilantro (as a condiment)

Sauteed the veggies in vegetable broth instead of butter to keep it all vegan.

Yummy!  Will make again despite mixed reviews from the fam.  It works just to make 4 baked potatoes, samosa-ize two of them, and let my husband and daughter customize their potatoes to suit their whims.

Last night, we also tried making a fresh tomato soup in the Vitamix I got for Christmas.  My son made the whole thing. We loved how the soup got heated right in the blender and the idea of using an avocado for creaminess seems perfect.  Sadly, we didn't love the bitter taste of the soup, nor the foaminess.  Do all blender soups have a foamy consistency?  Maybe the raw garlic added bitterness?  I think we'll try it again when tomatoes are riper.  January tomatoes are not a good candidate for fresh tomato soup... and we didn't have fresh basil... and we only had half an avocado.  The recipe is on this page.

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