Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long time reader, first time blogger...

I've been eating vegan nutritarian food since Sept 20, 2013.  'Nutritarian' is a word coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to describe the type of veganism that is not just the avoidance of animal products, but the deliberate effort to eat only the most nutrient dense foods.

My family (husband & 2 kids (8, 12)) are not thrilled by my change in lifestyle, but are coming along for the ride, since the alternative is cooking for themselves, and apparently even vegan food is better than that!  However, I don't try to make masochistic meals, since I don't like my kale salad with a side of whine. I always try to include at least one item that is familiar and basic. I'm constantly on the lookout for recipes my family will eat and actually enjoy.  If that nutrient dense food stays on the plate instead of being eaten, it was not worth the effort.

As a new vegan, the internet has been a great source of recipes and inspiration to me. I've found some real winners that everyone loves, and some recipes that just didn't work for us.  However, there are so many blogs, books, websites it is hard to remember where I found each recipe.  I've got a bulletin board on Pinterest, but I need more organization. I need a systematic approach.  Through this blog I'll review and catalog the best vegan recipes and resources on the web - for my use, and yours!

I'm going to organize my recipes into categories- hopefully to find the best vegan burger, best vegan chili, best vegan lentil soup, etc...

Not sure why I'm a little nervous, but I am.
But, Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
What do I have to lose?
Just do my best.
Here goes nothing.

Press Publish.

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