Thursday, November 21, 2013

Improvising on a theme

I've started a new page to keep track of the smoothies I drink the morning.  Smoothie drinking has become part of my morning routine.  Get my son out of the house to the bus, walk my daughter to school, go for a run with the dog, come home and concoct a smoothie.  The smoothies are different everyday since I don't follow any recipes and just throw in what I have on hand.

For some of these improvisations, I scrape the bottom of the glass to get every last bit.  Some, I choke down and consider it a lesson learned.

You can find the page from the menu bar under 'Smoothie Improvisations'.  Today's drink is here. Yeah, today's effort was not such a good start to the blog, nor to my morning, but tomorrow, we try again.

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