Monday, November 25, 2013

Doh! I forgot the cilantro...

It did not occur to me until just now (right before bed) that I forgot to add the cilantro to my burger tonight. Darn, 'cause I bet that would have been really, really good. The recipe calls for the cilantro to be mixed into the burger, but since cilantro tends to be a love-it-or-hate-it vegetable and everyone else in the fam is on the hate-it side, I leave cilantro out of everything and then just pile it on to my own portion. Ah well, the good news is that I have plenty of leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow and this time I won't forget.

Somehow, I misread the recipe and thought each burger was supposed to have 1/4 c. of mix in it.  Instead, I should have used 1/2 c. So, the recipe that should have yielded 8 burgers made 16.  That's a lot of burgers.  I'll have try to freeze some... since, sadly, I think I'll be the only one eating these.

That being said, I consider this recipe a success.  They were much better than my previous burger attempt.  My son said "I'm not sure if I like these, so I'm going to have another one."  I think that was actually fair praise.  He won't usually eat anything with beans in it.  I ate two myself.  My husband and daughter just had one, but I think they finished it.  I ate mine smothered in homemade guacamole and a slab of pickle.  Everyone else added some cheese, ketchup and a bun.

Other good things: I got to expand my grain repertoire by using millet for the first time. (Tasted a lot like couscous to me.  I think millet is the main ingredient in some kinds of wild bird seed, but I decided not to mention that at the dinner table for fear of the flak I would receive.)  Also, my daughter discovered that roasted sweet potato skin is delicious.  After scooping out the potato for the burgers, we cut the skin into small pieces and ate it as a snack.  My daughter said it was just like sweet potato fries. Now, that, if nothing else, was a success.

This is the first recipe I've made from Cookie + Kate.  Looks like a lot of winners on that site. I shall return.
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Veggie Burgers

Modifications or Notes: 
Left out the cilantro and the cayenne pepper.  Used about half the chipotle powder since the kids don't like spicy.  Fried the patties in as little oil as possible.

Served with roasted acorn squash rings. Like this but using olive oil instead of butter and only about 1 T sugar.  And, to save it from being a masochistic dinner, I also served a pile of roasted potatoes cut like steak fries.

Kid-friendly: eh, so so. I think these would grow on them.
Kid-rating: 2
Husband-rating: 2
My rating: 3 - I would even serve it to vegetarian/vegan guests.
Ease of prep: Long.  Today, I made the beans, made the millet, roasted the squash. After that point it was fairly easy.  Would be a good make ahead recipe.  I could easily get it on the table after work if I just had to form the patties and cook them.
Cleanup: Medium 2 pots, mixing bowl, fry pan, cutting board, knife
Nutrition: B+ : rather starchy, but that's not necessarily bad.
Overall Rating: 3 - I will try again, and will try similar sweet potato/bean burger recipes.

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